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Plumbing & Rooter Services

Unblock Sewers & Drains

Acme Drain Plumbing & Rooter Service is known for their expertise in unblocking drains & sewers. Blocked toilets, sinks, showers can usually be cleared easily. Unblocking sewer drains take more work and skill. Sewer lines are usually 4 inches in diameter. Most sewer drain problems are caused by tree roots. Frequently the solution to tree roots in the sewer line is to use a plumber’s electronic snake to clear out roots and any other debris that has clogged the line. Acme Drain has several sizes of electronic snakes to fit any job.

There are times when the above methods don’t work. Sometimes the roots become too large and too hard. Especially when the property has been uninhabited for a period of time, the sewer line and any root material dries into a hard mass. The dryness can cause the sewer pipe to crumble and crack. At this point, Acme Drain may need to trench either by hand or with a backhoe to replace all or part of the sewer line.

Damaged sewer lines can be in the street (past sidewalk & curbing or yard line). Many people don’t realize they are responsible for all repairs to their sewer even in the street.

Acme Drain is fully insured and bonded. Ray Lacey is licensed in both Fresno & Clovis. He is well known by city officials and can obtain any necessary permits for your job.